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Sep 11, 2012 11:00pm EDT
patricia cook. she was shot by daniel harmon-wright outraged in him facing murder charges. according to virginia state police, cook was found dead inside his apartment on tuesday after a maintenance worker had gone inside. investigators don't suspect foul play. during an interview earlier this year, cook told 9news he had multiple health issues. they're trying to figure out if he died from natural causes or if this was a suicide. >> so the ambulance people went in. they were in there maybe 10 minutes and then they walked out and they said he's dead. >> reporter: neighbors like kelly step who lived next to cook are left shock wondering if there was anything they could have done to help him. they say he had been dead for days. >> i'm hoping it was just a heart attackn his sleep and not some type of revenge because he was suing the county. >> reporter: and he did file that lawsuit back in may. $5.3 million against daniel harmon-wright claiming wrongful death in his wife's killing. he has been taken to manassas to determine the cause of death. as for harmon-wright, he's scheduled to go on t
Sep 11, 2012 12:00pm EDT
plans to try a former virginia police officer on murder charges. daniel harman wright is scheduled to northbound culpeper county circuit court for a motions hearing. harman-wright shot and killed 54-year-old patricia cook during a traffic stop last february. the officer claims cook trapped his hand in the window of her jeep as she drove away. but prosecutors say that harman- wright did not fire the fatal shots until he was clear of that vehicle. he's scheduled to go on trial in january. >>> we're waiting to find out the sentences for the five murder defendants involved in one of the most violent incidents in the district's history. three people were shot and killed on south capitol street in march of 2010. six others were injured. the shootings were revenge for a murder from an earlier day. five men were convicted back in may. >>> prince george's county police admit they have no leads in the murder of a 17-yard high school student -- 17-year-old high school student. they hope someone will come forward with some information. amber stanley was murdered in her bedroom last month in kette
Sep 4, 2012 5:00am EDT
about that. i know julie wright has it on stand-by. get a little from her. >> julie has boxes. >> i may have forgotten by number two but i did not for bet my bed head. this is super glue. you spray this and you don't have to wash it for a week. >> got it. >> on the roads, if you are traveling beach drive, it is shut down. you cannot travel between blackton and joyce. this is a place you don't want to be w a tree down across the highway t will take a while for this to clear. you guys talked about the kid going back to school and the change in the traffic patterns. watch out for speed in the school dope as you guys travel that area as well. this is 270 southbound out of hyattstown. lanes are open out towards clarkburg. you are at speed through rockville headed out towards the split. 66 in good shape, no trouble spots to report leaving fair oaks right now. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. >>> stories making headlines, the search for a missing boater in maryland picks up at dawn. a man and woman fell overboard when a gust of wind tilled their sailboat yesterday near
Sep 14, 2012 5:00am EDT
and julie wright will have a look at traffic too coming up after the break. e br -- another nice start to the day. [ woman ] dear chex cereal, i've never written a fan letter before, but you've done what i thought was impossible: you made good-for-you, glut-free cereals in a whole bunch of yummy flavors. cinnamon chex and honey nut chex are two of our favorites. when my husband rob found the chocolate one, we were in cereal heaven. the only problem is, with so many great flavors you're making it very hard to choose. so thanks. from your fans, the mcgregor family. 'cause we love chex. [ male announcer ] love chex? connect with us on facebook. >>> taking a look at the monuments outside over washington, d.c. very fall-like temperatures out there right now. we'll check in with tucker in a seconden. it was a gorgeous day yesterday as people were saying a final good-bye for an american hero. hundreds gathered at the washington national cathedral to remember neil armstrong. >> he put a thumb on appear index fixer, tilt his head and sort of put his hand down there and he would say well, when t
Sep 7, 2012 11:35pm EDT
irresistible? abc's david wright takes a look. ♪ >> reporter: korean pop music, gangnam style. a viral video sensation. more than 120 million hits president the artist behind this video, burst on the american music scene last night. >> dude, you got over a hundred million on youtube right now for gangnam style. how does that feel? talk to me. >> reporter: you may not have gotten the word, but the moves -- they have universal appeal. the video is number one on the itunes music video chart, trotting past taylor swift. the unlikely slightly chuby popstar behind the video is a 35-year-old south korean rapper. >> i didn't expect anything overseas at all. so i was just thinking to make a huge hit in korea that was my only purpose. >> reporter: abc's bureau chief sat down with psy who explained that gangnam refers to a wealthy seoul neighborhood. >> it's like beverly hills of korea. i don't look like beverly hills. and i'm saying beverly hills style, myself, how embarrassing. like what is it? i think that was the point. >> reporter: even in the point is slightly lost in translation, the beat
Sep 25, 2012 5:30pm EDT
the royal inn in odenton. police say the children's mother is 35 year old tameka wright. 22 year olddjames eid... assaulted and robbed a man at the same hotel late saturday night. the victim told police where the suspectsswere staying. and when police they found the childrennby &pthemselves. (((police)))) "yeeh its unusual and certainly a isturbiig as well. i ean ya have a robbery and thee you have chhldren ho during the robbery are leet unatteeded pnd ann again these children were vvrr oung in age. " residentt of the hotel tell foo 45 news.. wright aapeared to be : good mom:(guy in was.. thee always had food aad clothes and all thht stuff ut...."(voice only)"i never pnew that she left them ii the room thats terrible"other passersby sayyleaving the kids alone.. is just wrong. (toi think she needs to go to jail thats what i think.. " ---cairns as live tag---"sat now that theyre mother has - been releassd oo bail it ii not clear whether hey are now.. with hhr. in odenton kc fox 455news at five. " u-s senators arr calling for the releaae of a maryland man imprisoned in cuba alan gro
Sep 24, 2012 11:35pm EDT
the heels of a big emmy win. tom bergeron talks to abc's david wright about the star-studded lineup. >>> welcome to "dancing with the stars" the all-stars -- >> tonight the host of america's favorite ballroom show has a new dance partner himself. the winged woman on that emmy statuette tom bergeron took home last night an award p bergeron won for making "dancing with the stars" smooth as all of those dance moves. >> a celebrity ballroom competition, really. when i was first pitched the show i thought this can't work. this is a porch of people coming out of their comfort zone as a lark. >> reporter: on live tv the unexpect unexpected does happen. planting a big wet kiss right on the lips. bergeron handled it with star. a few weeks back marie osmond hit the stage with her samba -- right after the samba -- >> that was the most dramatic thing. usually it's somebody popping out of a dress i'm always happy to help them back in. respect rth tonight on the season opener, deja vu. joey fatone, bristol pay len and pamela anderson who vowed to stay se stay celebat. over her shoulder with her b
Sep 28, 2012 11:35pm EDT
vocabulary thanks to the ghastliest of crimes. abc's david wright has details. >> reporter: up until now, johnny lewis was just another aspiring actor. familiar mostly to fans of "sons of anarchy." >> i had to leave. >> reporter: now, johnny lewis is a household name. >> a new hollywood murder mystery. >> her ex-boyfriend, just found dead. >> reporter: star of a tabloid tragedy. a hollywood murder-suicide. >> one of those stories that almost seems too crazy to be true. >> tragic. >> reporter: lewis beat his 81-year-old landlady to death. he tore her cat to pieces. eye witnesses who tried to stop him say he showed super human strength. there are reports that some sort of drugs were involved. >> that's a possibility. we haven't located any drugs and we're not sure about that. we won't know until the report comes back from th coroner's office. but suffice to say, anybody who acts in this kind of a manner would indicate there may be some kind of drugs on board. >> reporter: if drugs were involved, does your experience tell you what sorts of things we might be talking about? >> well, the
Sep 13, 2012 4:25am EDT
. >> check in with julie wright. favorite time of the day. >> i still say there needs to be some kind of theme music going on instead of that. >> don't get us started. >> some kind of kanye, beyonce, early, wind and fire maybe. >> jimi hendrix. >> there you go. that will wake everybody up. on the roads, you will find your lanes are open. nothing too complicated out here. coming inbound off the dulles toll road, nice and easy. only one little person coming in here. lanes are open, no problems to report as you continue 395 across the 14th street bridge. a nice, easy commute headed for the southeast-southwest freeway. overnight construction in the process of clearing on the gallows road. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. >>> protests went on all night in cairo, egypt. police fired tear gas to try to disperse the crowds that you see there. they have been protesting against an anti-muslim movie. >> a video came out calling for muslims around the world to get revenge on americans everywhere. >> the pentagon is sending two ships to the coast of libya. let's get the latest
FOX News
Sep 26, 2012 5:00pm EDT
when president obama sat in reverend wright's pew for years. >> stuff overseas now brought back in to our own front yard. america's chickens. coming home to roost. i'm freaking out man. why? i thought jill was your soul mate. no, no it's her dad. the general's your soul mate? dude what? no, no, no. he's, he's on my back about providing for his little girl. hey don't worry. e-trade's got a killer investing dashboard. everything is on one page, your investments, quotes, research... it's like the buffet last night. whatever helps you understand man. i'm watching you. oh yeah? well i'm watching you, watching him. [ male announcer ] try the e-trade 360 investing dashboard. i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here battle for ohio. with less than six weeks to go until election day. tonight on "special report" we show you both candidates in the buckeye state. president obama trying to shore up a constituencies, young voters with trips to bolling green state and kent state university. mitt romney had ohio star power with him. golfing legend jack nicklaus was on hand. at this hour he
FOX News
Sep 26, 2012 11:00pm PDT
reverend wright's pew for years. >> stuff overseas now brought back in to our own front yard. america's chickens. coming home to new york and "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> eric: senator harry reid lost his marbles? listen to the senate majority leader call romney's mormonism in question. >> there are a lot of members of the lds church, latter day-saints church. they understand that he is not the face of mormonism. >> eric: but he is no stranger to outrageous claims. >> the word is out he hasn't paid any taxes for ten years. let him prove he has paid taxes, because he hasn't. >> eric: see, i guess maybe he has. now listen to dirty harry when asked questions he didn't want to answer. >> i don't want to answer that question. that is a clown question, bro. >> eric: so good you got to hear it again. >> that's a clown question, bro. [ laughter ] >> eric: clown question. since we're talking oval office hopefuls in the religious influences now listen to president obama favorite pastor. >> bob: here we go. >> eric: none other than the one and only reverend jerry wright. >> god bless
Sep 9, 2012 11:15pm EDT
that include ralph ellison and toward the west, richard wright for a short amount of time, his tenure at the project was controversial, to say the least. he had a management style that really rubbed people the wrong way. ellison and mr. wright, especially. he really hated the guy. and this is a kind of one-sided argument, unfortunately, part of the problem with doing this project was that ottley seems to have burned every piece of correspondence that he ever wrote. there are no papers outside of the small box at the college. you kind of have to rely on what other people are saying about him. and ellison and mr. wright took great glee in writing terrible things about him back and forth, as if they were passing notes in class. it was really the conservatives in congress that disliked ottley the most because of his connections with the fwd. in 1939, the harlem branch came under the scrutiny of congressman martin dees and his un-american activities committee in the house. he found himself soon without a job. as a side note to this, certainly his management style was brisk. he tende
Sep 11, 2012 5:00am EDT
to say hello to julie wright. she has got our on-time traffic this morning. good morning to you. >> and just let sarah know, the seat warmers on just a little bit. >> i thought you couldn't hear us this morning. suddenly now, you can hear us. >> there are certain things if you stand on one foot and lean to the left and hold your leg up, than you can hear. it is only 2012, only the best technology for us. you know with a -- you know what a mean? overnight construction cleared on the beltway between annandale and merrifield. the lanes are open south along 270 coming in out of hyatts up two. new york avenue good to go leaving bladensburg road headed out towards the tunnel. we do have i portion of 410 blocked off in each direction at cedar avenue in takoma park. that is due to a tree down across the highway. no one is able to get by on 410. >>> lots of events commemmorating 9-11 today. it was exactly 11 years ago that al-qaeda terrorists hijacked four passenger planes. one of the biggest memorial ceremonies is happening at the pentagon at 9:30 this morning. president obama is could
Sep 7, 2012 6:00am EDT
so rainy. >> we do great with deposits. you just keep doing that. >> all right, james wright. what is happening on the roads this morning. >> we do have some problems to report. let's start off with metrorail and then we'll get to the crew in sky fox. if you are traveling metro's orange line, this is where we had problems with the disabled train university outside of federal triangle. expect on the orange line tea lays head out towards new carrollton and largo until further notice. southbound along 270 coming out of rockville, no problems to report cong sntinuith of 370 and 28 headed out towards the lane divide. lanes are open on the southbound spur headed for the beltway conning past river road. we'll take it back inside. this is where the traffic is. it stacks up leaving 109 headed out towards the truck scales before the pace improves. no problems to report if you are traveling in virginia along 66 with the artie ojeda between 28 and the beltway. up bound new york avenue nice and clear leaving bladensburg road headed for the tunnel. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. et
Sep 4, 2012 6:00am EDT
. >> thank you. >>> time now to say hello to julie wright and see what is happening on the roads this morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. we are talking about terrible tuesday traffic but before we hit the roads, we need to talk about metro. we have problems on metro's orange line. single tracking between stadium armory and cheverly due to track problems. the entrance escalators at foggy bottom are not in service. there was a disabled train outside of benning affecting the blue line. traveling eastbound 66, lanes are open. no problems to report coming in from the west. volume increasing out of manassas headed in towards centreville. the could you in sky fox checking out the drive along southbound 270. we had received word of an incident near democracy boulevard. so far, lanes are open on 270. no problems leaving 109 headed into germantown and here on the southbound spur, traffic flowing freely headed to the exit for the outer loop. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. >>> our big story, hundreds ever thousands of students in northern virginia go
FOX News
Sep 26, 2012 9:00pm PDT
faith." i have two words for you, harry reid, jeremiah wright, something i thought deserved thorough vetting. we'll check in with michelle we'll check in with michelle malkin, sounding off tonight. ♪ atmix of the world needs a broader that's why we're supplying natural gas to generate cleaner electricity... that has around 50% fewer co2 emissions than coal. and it's also why, with our partner in brazil, shell is producing ethanol - a biofuel made from renewable sugarcane. >>a minute, mom! let's broaden the world's energy mix. let's go. [ male announcer ] introducing a reason to look twice. the entirely new lexus es and the first-ever es hybrid. this is the pursuit of perfection. nah. [ dennis' voice ] i bet he's got an astate agent. they can save you up to 30% more by bundling your polies. well his dog's stupid. [ dennis' voice ] poodles are one of the world's smartest breeds. are you in good hands? [ dennis' voice ] poodles are one of the world's smartest breeds. of hardest-working, smoothest-riding.lass it's got the most torque, the smoothest suspension, the best stor
Sep 6, 2012 6:00am EDT
before, friday eve. >> i think julie wright. ed that phrase. >> she did? >> we look forward to the friday because then we know we can sleep. >> for some of us who work on the weekend. >> that's true. we're glad you're here with us. >> turn is on vacation and let's take a look now at satellite-radar composite and show you what is going on there. some of you are see ago few light showers that are popping up out to the west. that will be the story in the course of the morning hours. a few isolated showers are possible. let's take a look at our weather maps, please. here is a look at current temperatures across the area. we are starting out fairly mild and warm. 79degrees at annapolis and 75 at bwi thurgood marshall. 79 at quantico. it will be hot today. headed to the low 90s. >> thank you. >>> time now to say hello to julie wright, see what is happening on the roads. >> and that little bit of summer is just for you, sarah simmons. >> thank you. i know you send it to me with love. >> i do. i'm loving it. i really am. >> the serve is escalate ors are out of service. the entrance escalat
FOX News
Sep 25, 2012 3:00pm EDT
wright patterson airfield, his big plane rolling up at the same time that congressman ryan is coming up on the bus behind them. this is the only campaign event they have together in ohio. congressman ryan is off to houston for a fundraiser. governor romney will be here through tomorrow. they need to create some momentum. the latest polls are showing that president obama is stretching out with a bit of a lead. >>shepard: john roberts live on the scene just north of dayton. we will have streaming live coverage of the romney event at the federal government said is still holding 167 detainees at guantanamo bay. dozens of them could get out soon. intelligence officials say some of those men are likely to rejoint terror groups with extra notoriety because of their time at guantanamo bay. what does that mean? we will get to that. more than 100 presidents, prime ministers, kings and the like, fighting for the attention at the u.n. general assembly. thank goodness jonathan hunt is almost always also there. you will decide which category he fits. you decide. [ female announcer ] e-tr
FOX News
Sep 26, 2012 6:00pm PDT
, harry reid, jeremiah wright, something i thought deserved thorough vetting. we'll check in with michelle malkin, sounding off tonight. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you engineer a true automotive breakthrough? ♪ you give it bold new styling, unsurpassed luxury and nearly 1,000 improvements. introducing the redesigned 2013 glk. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial services. for a golf getaway. double miles you can actually use... but mr. single miles can't join his friends because he's getting hit with blackouts. shame on you. now he's stuck in a miniature nightmare. oh, thank you. but, with e capital one venture card... you can fly any airline, any flight, any time. double miles you can actually use. what's in your wallet? alec jr? it was a gift. damn, america! damn america for treating citizens less than human. >> sean: sunday's 9/11, america's ches chickens are homo roost. >> me first? >> sean: you first. >> i don't care what religions my politicians are, because religion and politics are different. >> sean: woul
Sep 12, 2012 11:00pm PDT
to opt out. thank you very much. >> thank you. i will call a few more. win ho, chris wright, rob black, arthur feinstein and rob fix. if you have heard your name, line up, please. >> good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen of the committee. jenny cofton. i'm a student at san francisco state university. i'm here because my future is dependent on your decision today n. a time of drought, food shortages and severe unpredictable events, clean power sfs has unprecedented potential for reducing city's emissions, protecting us from nuclear energy and eventually providing the city with much-needed green color jobs but has a more potent power. i know firsthand there are many young and old across the united states that would opt to pay for 100% sustainable energy if they had the choice. having a major city provide its public to that is the immediate step toward making that choice available to everyone. as such san francisco's currently in the rare and valuable position of being able to ensure the health and security of my future. i urge you to make san francisco to be the city to take that st
Sep 28, 2012 6:30pm EDT
information. one other note, peter king, chairman of the house committee, said that ambassador susan wright should resign because of her statement. >>> all right, we want to turn to andrea mitchell, chief foreign correspondent, and andrea how rare is it for the intelligence committee to come out and acknowledge they got it wrong initially, and is it having any effect on the response here? >> reporter: well, first of all it is very, very rare for them to make this type of admission. and politics are clearly in play. the questions are being asked, why did they get it wrong? was it because of a coverup, or was it because they were trying to avoid acknowledging mistakes this close to the election? so there is always a political consequence, and certainly's tonight, the white house is strongly defending susan wright, but she is in the cross-hairs of the political argument and that will be pursued by the republicans who have been hammering away for days saying that the administration deliberately covered up. something the white houses strongly denying. >>> all right, andrea mitchell, thank you, w
Sep 26, 2012 6:30pm EDT
singer his age. we learned today he has died at 84. david wright brings us a kind of farewell. ♪ moon river >> reporter: his signature song was from "breakfast at tiffany's." ♪ two drifters in the movie, audrey hepburn sang "moon river." but at the academyawards that year, andy williams made it his own. >> reporter: his big break the steve allen show. which led to his own variety hour. >> what's your name? >> donny. >> reporter: and all those christmas specials. ♪s it ate most wonderful time of the year ♪ >> reporter: he was a life long republican. >> andy williams we'll have to declare your voice a national treasure. >> reporter: but also a good friend of bobby kennedy. ♪ my ice have seen the glory of the coming of the lord ♪ >> reporter: that's andy williams singing at rfk's funeral. ♪ where do i begin to tell the story ♪ ♪ of how great love can be >> reporter: continued to perform well into his 80s at his moon river theater in branson. ♪ moon river white as >> reporter: andy williams was 84. david wright, abc news, hollywood. >>> and we thank all of you
Sep 14, 2012 4:00am EDT
university or any college in america -- wright state. but it also includes wayne state. >> you hear the crowd trying to correct him. he was at wright state which is in dayton, ohio. >>> coming up, the latest cbs news poll on the race for the white house. i'm terrell brown. this is the "cbs morning news". i'm bonnie, and this is my cvs. i don't have time for the flu. that's why i'm knocking things off my to-do list. vitamin d, done! hand sanitizer, done! hey, eric! i'm here for my flu shot. sorry, didn't make an appointment. well, you don't need one. whether it's flu shots or prescriptions, we continue to accept express scripts and medco plans. i'm bonnie, and this is my cvs. mmmm, just how satisfying of new light & fit greek? morning donut cookies chips, chips,...! silence those tempting thoughts with new light & fit greek. its creamy thick texture helps satisfy you. it has twice the protein of regular lowfat yogurt. and at 80 calories it's the lightest greek yogurt with fruit. cupcake! it's not gonna happen. new light & fit greek. be light and fit and satisfied. is is is is >>> goo
Sep 18, 2012 11:35pm PDT
david wright. >> reporter: when you're running the modern travel gauntlet, hurried and grobed in the name of national security, the ultimate insult is edible or not. served up hot, if you're lucky, in a foil container in a plastic tray. looking probably tasty, like toxic sludge. >> what is that green stuff? >> that looks disgusting. that looks worse than gatorade. >> today we sat down with cat o'dell, editor of eater l.a., to check out the website airline 26,000 photos taken by passengers on 600 airlines worldwide. >> i don't even know what this is. gray meat? what is that? >> whitish, grayish. >> reporter: a moscow passenger said the salmon that was served appeared to be as old as his grandma. >> maybe the even is to drink. >> that's always the best way to go. always, definitely. >> reporter: ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. oh, for the glamourous days of pan am. when passengers dressed like don draper and meals were refined. if only modern airline food were as stanley kubrick imagined it in 2001 "space odyssey" the only thing kubrick got right was 201
Sep 7, 2012 6:30pm EDT
growing and the virus is potentially deadly. nearly 30,000 people could now be at risk. david wright is tracking it all for us. >> reporter: in one of the most beautiful places on earth, a deadly disease is lurking. yosemite rangers are warning every park visitor about an outbreak of hantavirus, spread by rodents. >> actually had a mouse run across my head! definitely scared me pretty good. >> reporter: already eight people are known to have contracted the illness. as of today, three have died -- in california, pennsylvania, and west virginia. and there may be more cases -- as far away as france. >> this outbreak appears to be unusual in terms of the number of people affected and certainly the number of deaths. >> reporter: the outbreak was first traced to the popular curry village campsite, where rodents had burrowed into the insulation of tents. officials now believe a second campsite in tuolomne meadows was also infected. last week, warnings like these went out to 10,000 people who visited curry village since june. overnight, notices went out to an additional 19,000 visitors. 29,0
Sep 26, 2012 4:30am EDT
someone at another motel. t-ame-ka wright and james reese robbed the motel and wright left the youngest just 4 months old and left them alone in a hotel room. >>> when it comes to the u.s., he usually brings controversy and it sound like today will be no different. iranian president ahmadinejad is is addressing the united nations general assembly today. in an interview with the associated press e. says the united states -- he says theunited states is a bully and domineering and the nuclear issue is the imposition of the will of the united states. the president did obama did such on-- touch on the speech. >> the united states will do what we must to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. >> obama said time is run willing out-- running out for iran to resolve the dispute. >>> more mosquito spraying to stop the spread of west nile virus. the department of agriculture says people should stay inside during the spraying which will happen around 7:30 weather permitting. storms are expected for the area. 30 people across the state have been diagnosed with west nile. three people have die
Sep 26, 2012 9:00am EDT
stories.good good morning, patrice and joee. some of those children... are old.tameka wright's five ld. children were founn alone inside a room aa the royal inn &ppn odenton. police say wright.. along with 22 year old james reid... assaultee and robbed a man at the same hotelllatt saturday night. the victim told police where the suspects were staying... pand when police went o the potel room, they found the chillren by themmelves.. (((police)))) "yeah its &ppnusual and ccrtainly aa diiturbing as well. i mean ya have a robbery and then you robbery are left unattendedd and and again these children weee very young in agg. " pthe children were placed in deeartment of social services is noo invvstigating. convicted killer george huguely is appealing his convic. conviccion.his attorneys filed the appeal, tuesdaa morning. huguely was convicted earlier this year of second degrre murder and grand larceny... in connnction with the death of hii ex-girllrreend... u-v-a lacrosse player yeardley love. she was found dead in her apprtment ...weeks prror to &pgraduationnin may 010.last month, the judde
Sep 12, 2012 4:25am EDT
. temperatures in the 40s in some spots. i'll have the detail on your weather and julie wright has a look at the traffic too coming up after the break. he break.  anncr: this casino's in west virginia. but itit makes millions off marylanders every year. now they're running dishonest ads. why? because voting for question seven is a vote to build a... world-class resort casino in maryland. creating thousands of jobs and... ...according to the official department of legislative... services, hundreds of millions for our schools. while saving taxpayer money by cutting casino subsidies. question seven. good jobs and better schools in maryland. not west virginia. >>> welcome back. hello, fall. temperatures in the 60s. probably even low are than that out west of here as we take a live look outside. checking in with tucker in just a second. first, you can catch a free concert in d.c. the national symphony orchestra will perform a free community concert in d.c.'s u street, shaw and logan circle neighborhood. thian show will take place in area theaters, schools, churches and other gathering spots. th
Sep 2, 2012 5:30am PDT
that again because he's yelling. yeah. >> after the break, two hollywood icons, jeffrey wright on creating unforgettable characters and robert townsend on the magic of making classic films. >>> from shaft to ides of march, actor jeffrey wright is known to bringing life to unforgettable characters. he joined us at the black ber surprise pepsi golf and tennis challenge to talk act his career and his latest venture in africa. i think the first time i took notice of you was in "shad." i thought you were diminishing. >> i thought so, too, for a moment. >> you really took ownership of that role. what's that process like to take ownership of a role like that to the point you're so convincing and compelling? >> it's funny. i used to go to this spot to work out in between shows when i was on broadway because it's at the end of the broadway section of new york. and this guy who used to run the place named rafy, rafael, he was from the dominican republic, and i would show up later than everybody because i would be in between shows and i'd be going into the evening performance. he'd say, a wa
Sep 26, 2012 6:30am EDT
anthony reid and tameka wright were taken into custody but wright face another charge accused of leaving five children alone in the hotel. the youngest just 4 months old. >>> florida man blames his pet squirrel girl dui charge. -- for a dui charge he was pulled over after leaving the bar after have having a few beers. police show he pulled -- he pulled the small squirrel fromunderneath the shirt. >> he was crawling around in theshirt. >> and he was resting in my shirt and liked where he went. and so he moved a bunch and i was not used to it. >> she seems very friendly.>> yes. >> is he drunk? >> i not going there. >> frisky squirrel. the police report says michael almost hit pedestrian and other scars as you expect he was taken to jail but he was give the squirrel back. >> it would be an unwelcomed guest but in this case it was not -- it was an invitation. bob barrett brings a alligator to a pool party promising a wild event no one will forget. >> we had the -- you've had the clown party and chuck e. cheese and bounce house party. well, when you say you will have a party that's ni
Sep 12, 2012 11:35pm EDT
los angeles to south central. david wright brings us a story of one team who went from drugs and bogans to the stage. >> oh! the play is the thing. >> macbeth, now shall be king thereafter. >> reporter: in this case not to catch the conscience of the king but rather inspire young people that no dream is beyond their reach. that's the theme of shakespeare high, the new showtime documentary about an annual competition for high school actors. here in southern california it's been going on for decades. >> it happens in this room. i actually can pinpoint that as a moment i realized i no longer wanted to be an actor, i was an actor. >> reporter: kevin spacey isn't the only famous alum there's his classmates. val kilmer. . >> you must have had a great high school play. >> it was a lucky experience. always a difference when you have someone to look up to. kevin was more just getting started. >> did you guys win? >> we never lost. >> there was tough competition even for them. others include cuba gooding jr., richard day fuss and sally fields as well as christina applegate and nicolas cage
Sep 10, 2012 4:00am PDT
. here's abc's david wright. >> reporter: korean pop music gangnam style. number one on the itunes music video chart. last week de music video awards. >> dude, you've got over 100 million hits on youtube for gangnam style. how does that feel, talk to me. >> reporter: the words may be lost in translation, but the moves have universal appeal. the unlikely slightly chubby pop star behind the video is a 35-year-old south korean rapper, stage name psy, real name jay song park. >> it's like from korea, i'm not beverly hills. keep saying beverly hills guy. >> reporter: video, a poker-face stand-up of korea in beverly hills itself, on rodeo drive at the tony saloon by maxime -- >> if i use the phrase gangnam style does that mean anything here in beverly hills ♪ >> reporter: youtube is full of local adaptations. oregon-style. london-style. at dodger stadium when they recently plucked psy out of the crowd, dance cam had no problem finding people who knew his signature horse trot. psy was just signed by justin bieber's manager. he's now poised to become the biggest korean pop star ever. leading t
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